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Nature's Fresh

Christine: Nature's Fresh is an enzyme product that can be used for a myriad of is basically sold as a cleaner, deodorizer, and stain remover. The enzymes go to work on odors in the kitchen, bathroom, you name it or it can be sprayed on clothing or carpeting to remove "protein-like" stains, (i.e. food, blood, vomit, etc.) This enzyme product used as a poultice on damaged/dehydrated disks, is absorbed through the skin and helps bring life giving enzymes into the damaged disk to help repair it and helps dehydrate it....Have them increase water intake 3 fold and you will be amazed at the results. Nature's Fresh (once a year special) used as a poultice over the disk in question. Do this every night when going to bed for a week or two   The person must also be increasing water into their diet. That is why it works so well for damaged disks. I hope this helps you. I have had excellent results using this product both on the body and in the bathroom".

I have a testimony that not even I am believing yet, but it has happened............           One of my peers (Natural Health Consultant) who lives in Arizona and was my first Iridology instructor 13 years ago contacted me via email the first part of last week. A woman that I have known only to be cool, calm and collected at all times was in a panic.
          Some months ago she developed what eventually became a massive tumor type mass in her right breast. She described the core of it as floating, moving back and forth from the 9 o'clock to 12 o'clock positions. She is normally large busted and said that its total size had presently grown to the size of filling her whole breast.
          She initially put herself on an intense program including a rigid juice fast, a special cleansing program, and the progesterone cream as part of her overall program. The mass continued to grow.           She has not worn a bra in over 20 years but felt forced to start wearing a sports bra a little over 6 weeks ago because as the day progressed the breast got very hot to the touch, even more swollen (almost double the size of the left breast) and very painful. She found that when she did this the upper right arm would swell to the point of being almost unusable and that too became very painful.           She finally in desperation went to the Breast Center in Tucson for a conventional medicine evaluation three weeks ago. They could not substantiate that it was cancer but they couldn't rule it out either. Additionally they couldn't come to any other conclusion or give her any relief from the symptoms.           I suppose only because of even more desperation (she has always considered me as one of her students) she sent me an email early last week asking if I had any suggestions. I posted right back and told her the only thing that came to mind after reading the entire program she had been on. "Spray the entire breast and underarm area at least 3 times a day with Natures Fresh." She posted right back and asked, "What is Natures Fresh?" (She has been with Natures Sunshine for more years than I have been). I posted back with the description and stock number. She posted back and asked if I had gone completely nuts? I posted back and told her, "Just do it. You have nothing to loose by trying it."           I got a post earlier tonight. The mass has completely disappeared. She has been completely symptom free for two days. Everything is back to normal.   All she did was do what I had (strongly) suggested. I believe she may be putting me in her Last Will and Testament as a future reminder of her gratitude.           Add ons:

          I have a customer who is employed as an auto mechanic. He has his hands in chemical solvents all day long. As a result he started to develop crippling pain in all of his knuckles. He was concerned about loosing his job because of the loss of dexterity and the pain. Nothing was relieving the pain or immobility until I suggested he spray Natures Fresh on his hands as often as he could every day. He did and said the pain disappeared almost immediately. He has returned to full dexterity. He also has had a herniated disk in his low back for over 20 years from an auto accident that has put him to bed for days at a time in the past. No matter what he used, he couldn't get relief other than extended bed rest. I suggested he try the Natures Fresh on his back as well when he had the next flare up. He did and it worked just as quickly for that as well.

        I have a new group of female customers who are very concerned about breast cancer and its suspected connection to under arm deodorants. I suggested they replace even (contended to be) natural deodorants with Natures Fresh. They are all tickled pink with the results. Some are even saying they don't have the heaviness in their breasts that they experienced before. Now I am working on having them incorporate Chlorophyll liquid into their daily programs to cut the odor from bacteria from the inside but I have a feeling they still won't be giving up the Natures Fresh.         I have a fairly new customer (who was initially an association on another natural health email list) whose husband was shot in the back, close to the spine while serving in the military in Vietnam. He has been disabled since with terrible pain. I took a shot in the dark (no pun intended) and persuaded her to try the Natures Fresh on him a few weeks ago. They are both saying prayers of thanks now. He isn't at work on a job yet but he has been up and around more in the last week than he has been in the last three years.   I have already posted to NSP and requested they consider making this product available year round. I am waiting for the response with their decision.           I want to thank every one of you on this list that previously suggested using Natures Fresh for back pain. Without you I would not have known about it's even existing. A big hug to all of you for allowing me to have the information to help all of these people.           I am very excited about helping even more people. I plan to target the local Senior Citizens Center within the next week or so. If I have to I am going to pass out free bottles (I have just ordered 20 more bottles) of Natures Fresh and encourage it be tried on stiff fingers, knees, backs, and whatever else is not working well. I think it is safe to say, "Stand by to read more testimonials." Blessings, Carolyn S. Conley, CNHP

This stuff is WONDERFUL!!! I ahve had a few bottles for awhile now and never used it. For the past month I have been suffering from EXTREME pain in my leg. I have been to the doctors, and the emergency room about 10 days ago as the apin was so bad I could not sleep. The pain was intense again last night so...I tried Natures Fresh at 11pm then went to sleep. I woke up at 1am and NO trace of it at all!!! I cant believe it! We should call it "Nature's Miracle"! Cindy Hoffman

=== ---David & Inge Wetzel wrote: As I stated this morning, the experiments have begun. I had a consultation with a man this afternoon with SEVERE Fibromyalgia pain. He couldn't even touch to top part of his hands from the pain. I didn't know how I would MT him. We decided to try the Natures Fresh. Within seconds his pain was gone!!!!! Let the experiments continue. Inge