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BONE SPURS, STENOSIS, BULGING DISKS, ARTHRITIS IN BACK From: (Wetzel) Lots and lots of Hydrangea to dissolve the bone spurs. I would even use some Tei Fu Lotion in the areas of pain along with taking IF-C. Also apple cider vinegar cocktail to reduce acidosis, and lots of Food Enzymes. This would be a starting place. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The arthritis is a whole ball of wax on it's own - Always PDA, diet (less meat , no nightshade veggies to test sensitivity to them ) and test for or experiment with the various arthritis herbs we have available.
Bulging Discs - exercise and strengthen stomach muscles, see FAQ - Frequently Asked Ques-tions Document Index, search for "BACK" - many supplement suggestions made.
Bone Spurs - Hydrangea and lots of it! Maybe 4 X 3 for a month, reevaluate then. Good to take Digestazyme with it for max utilization.
FOR THE PAIN INVOLVED - Our WONDERFUL Essential Oil combination - Deep Relief!!! I LOVE it!! Apply topically, and STRAIGHT! Put a couple to a few drops directly where you hurt -- rub it in. Pretty soon, you don't hurt any more. It does not fix you -- it just relieves the pain while your vitamins and herbs do their job.
++++++++++++++ HEEL SPUR
I just recently discovered the cure for ME with a heel spur for over 4 months. I have been to BEST method chiropractor, and have taken 5 bottles of Hydrangea, SKL and PDA to absorb and it would NOT go away. A week ago I thought to myself about it and started 4 Yucca a.m. and p.m. and after 4 days, it was completely gone. Now it wasn't diagnosed by a doctor as a heel spur, but the pain was intense on only one side and I have had them before in same foot, so I was sure it was. HEEL SPURS AND FEET INFLAMATION
From: (Debbie J)
Please help guys!!! I have had heel problems for years. My usual regime isn't helping and I'm about to cave in and get cortisone shots. .Both heels have heavy inflammation deep inside. I have something new though. It feels like the tendon across the back of my heel gets rigid and extremely painful in the evenings. I'm using a heavy duty vibrator, Lavender Oil, Deep Relief Oil. Taking Yucca and ATC Alfalfa - lots. Also Super Algae, Vitamin E, FibroMalic too. I should mention that I have severe fibromyalgia and arthritis going on most every part of my body. Am I too acid?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - From: (Jean Kinnett)
Sounds like you have a shortened achilles tendon. The pain is the same as heel spurs. Hot castor oil packs for 20 or 30 minutes every other day, take Target Endurance 9 a day. See a good reflexologist.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - From:
Hydrangea is excellent for heal spurs. Support the adrenals more with HY-C, Pantothenic Acid or HY-A Also might try IF-C for inflammation

- ORIGINAL QUESTION - From: (Ginger)
My husband and his dad, brother, etc. all have a weakened spinal area, especially around the neck. He has already had a herniated disc removed and replaced with a bone from his hip. Another one is halfway out. Now, bone spurs have occurred in large numbers, there is narrowing of the cord, which seems to have something pressing on it. And from the 5/6 herniation, numbness of his fingers has resulted. Can anyone with experience, recommend a treatment program for these conditions? Thanks! He's looking at a potential 2nd surgery on discs and removal of bone spurs.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - From: (Susan Lebovitz)
Here are some suggestions.
Appropriate body work to help decompress the nerves. (Gentle traction has helped many people relieve the pressure on the nerve.) Posture is undoubtedly a factor, and this would need to be addressed thoroughly. St John's Wort / Passion Flower in ample amounts to feed the central nervous system. Antioxidants like Hi Po Grapine or Superantioxidant, Vitamins A, E and C. JNT-Ease packets plus SKL Extra digestive aids, besides the Proactazyme in the JNT-Ease packets. Bromelain is especially helpful (and is found in the Food Enzymes.) Bowel Cleansing. Concentrated CA

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - From: ( Marcia Simler) I was in an accident with h.disc also, c-4 & c-5 and was to have my bone from hip to fuse them together, but never had to when I took 7 or 8 Calcium Magnesium./day, along w/Mineral Mainte-nance 9/day, but muscle tested to make sure. I was extracted with the "jaws of life" in an accident, was not getting well with prescriptions, so tried the above, and now have several of my previous nurses on the above, cause they could tell the difference in my gaining density of my bones. It takes our Calcium/Magnesium tablets to dissolve the inorganic calcium built up from accidents, injuries, or not enough calcium in the diet. Try it, it's better than another surgery with more scar tissue.

Bone spurs you really need Hydrangea internally. I am not aware of any oils dissolving calci-fications, but could be wrong as I am far from an expert on the EO's.
The Sciatic pain at night I am familiar with. It's from turning in bed (my belief from experience). I have found Sciatica Homeopathic helpful and I take Chondroitin (2) and Glucosamine (3) regularly.