Brain Function

Hi! I attened the school of Natural Health last Saturday, and was asked to send in this testimonial about Ginko Biloba. It's long, but all true, and I feel that it's worth the read: It all started when I was in the back of a pick-up truck that had to stop suddenly. I was thrown to the cap where I hit my head on the temple. I wanted to sleep, but fortunately my friends wouldn't allow me to. I had a concussion. The thing I didn't know is that once you have one concussion, you're chances of getting another within the next 3 months go up by aprox. >>70%<<. I was already accident prone and in the next month I got another concussion. One of the things about concussions is that they damage your brain on the opposite side from where you hit yourself--another thing I wish I'd known. The brain pulls away from the opposite side, to get blood and such closer to the injury so that it can try to heal. When it does this, you loose oxygen, blood, etc., to that part of the brain (to a certain degree). As the next 2 1/2 years wore on I got >>>10<<< concussions, most of them to my left temple. The last one was the worst. It was a bad concussion, and my brain had already pulled away from the right side pretty far. My body hadn't had a chance to heal and I found myself unable to think the same. I remember looking at one of my English books to read the assignment and realizing that while I used to be able to read those symbols on the page, I no longer could. I couldn't read. I could still see, but my brain was not translating what I saw. I could see a wall, for instance, and not be able to stop myself from walking into it. If I told my legs to stop it took a couple of minutes sometimes for them to listen. I could see mountains, but not tell you what they were. It was horrible. My depth perception was shot too, so I couldn't tell how far away things like walls, and cars were. I had a soft spot than spanned almost the entirety of the right side of my head. I couldn't brush my hair very easily because any added sensation on that spot caused me to "fuzz out". Everywhere I went my husband had to lead me around. One of the little-known symptoms of a concussion is depression. Once that hit my entire body shut down. While in this state I heard about Ginko Biloba. I don't remember where I heard it from (but then, I don't remember much of that time) but I figured, what the heck? I mean, I was in accelerated classes all my life, and everyone knew me as intelligent. Now it took me time to remember my name and age! I could see it in everyone's face--I was just another stupid person. Of course, the depression didn't help with that at all... Anyway, I started taking the Ginko Biloba, and now, just 2 1/2 years later (5 years from the first concussion) I am intelligent, my memory is capable of remembering details better than anyone in my family, I can talk to someone on the phone while writting a letter to a friend & figuring out what to have for dinner--and none of the tasks are compromised. I am an extrememly fast learner and for enjoyment I have even picked up a Quantum Physics text book (it was GREAT, by the way!) Thank you so much Ginko Biloba! ~ Cyleste Teague 9202 N. 19th Ave #125 Phoenix, AZ 85021 (602) 395-1841 ***May Time bless & keep you on Its way*** *******You are who you pretend to be*******

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