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Hi Everyone,
I just started the new "CLEAN START" cleanse and all I can say is "WOW". I started the cleanse and how wonderful it is. My bowel movements are = great and the best thing is NO HEADACHES for me. I have done other = cleanses, like the Tiao He and I had such bad headaches and body aches. = I have had very little aches throughout the body. I am so pleased with = the Clean Start. I highly recommend this cleansing program..Thank you = NSP for this product.....
Smiles of Joy, Merry

My daughter who is just starting her 8 month of pregency is doing the Clean Start, will I should say she does it just once a day, she said that now she has to do it, ( has taken in about 10 times) because if she doesn't she just feels awful and cannot get over how much she elimates. She told me that its really something to think that if she didn't do the cleanse that all that stuff would stay in her. This is something that I have been trying to tell her for 24 years. Even my 16 year old granddaughter is trying it, her only problem, is that she only wants to take it once a day as she is afraid she'll be somewhere when the urge strikes and until she gets used to the once a day she can't take the risk. But she was impressed also with the results.

To whom it may concern:
I am not a member of the Forum, however my upline manager, Georgiana = Duncan is, and she ask me to share this tidbit with you. My husband and myself have began using the new product, Clean Start. We = have been putting the powered packet contents in a glass of apple juice = and find it quite easy to get down. I myself, prefer drinking it with a = straw and that way it isn't any different to get down that a milkshake. = One morning we were in a big hurry to leave the house and since we = almost always eat oatmeal for our breakfast, we decided to just put the = powered packet contents right into our bowl of oatmeal and then added = just enough apple juice to meet our desired texture. It tasted just = wonderful ! Just wanted to share this with others ! Another way to get = the stuff down and not even notice the taste difference.. Thank You
Bobbi Phifer God Bless Bobbi aka Kaler

I am one of those people who have the tight colon that Jim Duffy wrote about. I have had personal experience with getting in trouble with Psyllium and also with all of the other colon cleanses I tried. When Nature's Sunshine sent me the Clean Start to try, I must admit I was afraid of it. I was beginning to think that I had a very serious colon condition. I would wake up in the night with discomfort. This past year has been very stressful as I was caring for both of my parents during their last days.
They both have recently passed on. I think this stress is why my bowels just were not working correctly. NSP asked that I try it "right away" because they needed the information soon. I very bravely tried it. I didn't even take the full dosage of the bulk product the first time. I was afraid that I would be spending weeks trying to get unplugged again. BUT --- much to my amazement and astonishment -- the next morning I had the largest and longest and most wonderful bowel movement in over a year! I love this product. It is so nice to be free of discomfort..... the feeling of always "needing to go" but not being able to eliminate completely. I love Clean Start just like it is. I have shared it with several people and always have gotten the same results for them as I had myself. I feel this is a fantastic product!
Ruby Lawler

I can give you my testimony and one from my upline: the Clean Start for = me is awesome, gentle and really cleans things out. I am on the Ultimate Build now, and it is so easy and I have lots of energy and I lost my "tummy". My upline (who had a serious health problem with cancer surgery= several years ago) finds she cannot live without the Ultimate Build. It has given her so much energy and general feeling of well being she is excited about it. Loring Hammer

My husband and 17-year old son are on Clean Start right now, and they are really pleased with the results. At first my son gagged on the drink, as he followed the package directions and stirred the powder into 8 ounces of water. He could only get half of it down. My husband, the more seasoned herb-taker, mixed it in the VitaMix machine and he said it wasn't too bad, but he was glad it was only for 2 weeks.
Meanwhile, back at the computer, I had been diligently reading all the posts about how to get this product to taste better, and we tried apple juice, Carob Tofu Moo, and finally, good old OJ. It seems like my guys are in the OJ camp, and absolutely shaken, not stirred.
They both report great eliminations, more energy, and an all-over feeling of wellness. Just thought I'd report in. Thanks to everyone for all their posts - we definitely benefitted from them!

I am on day 8 of the CleanStart program. All I have done to date is put water in a pint size shaker, add the powder, put the lid on and shake. I have found the taste to be just as the literature promised.....very pleasant. What I have found more than pleasant is surprising that the results are so fantastic. I have never had results from a cleanse program such as I am having with the CleanStart. I have been more than impressed with this product. I plan to follow this 14 day program with a repeat before doing the Ultimate Build. I am sleeping better and have more energy than I have experienced in longer than I can recall. Also by day 6 on the program I had to take an adjustable belt in one inch for a proper fit after having just worn it to church 3 weeks ago. Since I am already thin to begin with I can't imagine how pleased this product would leave those desiring to loose a few waistline inches intentionally. NSP did a fantastic job again.
Carolyn S. Conley, CNHP