I would like to add that colostrum can be very beneficial to someone who has diabetes. I have a good friend who is a chiropractor and was a diabetic for many years and over weight too. He had to carry his insulin everywhere he went. He started using colostrum (nothing else) and within 9 months had lost close to 50 lbs and was taking hardly any insulin. Now, a year and a half later, he no longer takes ANY insulin and he looks and feels great. His doctor was very skeptical at first and told him it probably wouldn't work but I guess he proved them wrong. Dawn Pfaff

Diabetes is very tough to defeat. Parasites can be a cause of it so repeated parasite cleansing over a period of a few months would be a start. To feed and rebuild the pancreas with the main goal of getting off insulin try the following. Target P14 3 3x a day, PBS 3 3x a day, chromium gtf 2 a day, zinc 1 a day and do not forget colloidal minerals and enzymes. Nopal 3 3x a day too.

Louie: I have a friend with Diabetes, and now has cancer cells showing up in her uterus. She had kidney trouble for years until they found a growth on her kidney and removed it. Now, when they tried to do laser uterine surgery on her for a partial hysterectomy, they could not do it because of "scar tissue" that has connected her uterus to her colon. Now they want to cut her open (again) and do a complete hysterectomy. What would your recommendations be? Thank you SO much. I value all of your opinions so much, as I am a new Distributor.

Georgiana: Fiber in the Dr. Jack cleanse is actually good for diabetes. It slows down the release of glucose into the system. Then for the diabetes - Chromium (to regulate blood sugar), P-14 (to support the pancreas), Fiber (always), Goldenseal (possibly will lower blood sugar rapidly), Minerals (colloidal, or Aromin), Digestive enzymes (appropriate for diet)           Always important to monitor your blood sugar frequently and adjust your insulin when doing this because it will come down rapidly.
          Is it actually cancer, or are abnormal cells just appearing? If it is the later, then the above programs with enzymes for digestion and a proper, healthy diet may take care of the situation.
Bonnie: Is there anyone who knows how to prevent diabetes if it runs in your family?

Kay:   Control hypoglycemia, which is almost always a forerunner to diabetes, by supporting the adrenal glands (Licorice, HY-A, Chinese Mineral Chi) while greatly limiting carbohydrates, especially bread, pasta, bagels, desserts, etc. Fresh fruits & veggies should be the only carbohydrates & should be balanced with adequate protein & essential fats at every meal. Laura: Morinda is recommended for use with diabetes, although I've not found a specific reference to the constituents responsible for a hypoglycemic effect. Furthermore, natives of Malaysia use Morinda for diabetes as well.

Diabetes Type II: Beryl: Most Type II Diabetes is due to insulin uptake resistance on a cellular level. What is the actual mechanism that creates the cellular resistance and how can it be overcome with NSP herbs, diet, et. al. We know that obesity is the number one reason.   White sugar, white flour, white rice, etc. also play a factor, but does anyone have any help with this. Doctors tell their patients to increase their insulin to overcome this resistance and this causes even more side effects common to diabetics.

Georgiana: Bowel Cleansing with fiber is imperative. The fiber slows down the release of glucose into the system. Breaking down and digesting food is important. So he will want to take both PDA and enzymes. Then you want trace minerals (Colloidal, etc.) and Chromium to regulate the blood sugar.   Note:
  It is very important that he test his blood sugar consistently. It can come down very fast with this program. A downline had a man years ago who did not, apparently believe the herbs would work and kept taking his insulin without a blood test. He went into insulin shock. This will not happen so long as his blood sugar is monitored closely. Then you get to the herbs. Golden Seal will lower blood sugar dramatically when taken as a single herb. This is only if it is staying high. Then he will probably do well with P-14 for the pancreas. Depending on weight and diet, should be able to get off insulin in two
From:   Buchfam@execpc.com (Stefanie Buchholtz) My husband uses NBS-AV with great success. When he was in the hospital on insulin, nothing was making his blood sugar come down until I smuggled in his NBS-AV. It came down after 1 dose. He swears by it. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

From:   GMDuncanXX@aol.com Diet of course. Psyllium is VERY important because it slows the release of glucose into the bloodstream. Natural options are Chromium, P-14, Nopal and if they are already on insulin, Golden Seal will lower the blood sugar very rapidly - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Date:   98-08-18 19:54:26 EDT From:   ask@gtii.com (Richard & Cyndi Ask) Dr. Jack says to use Chromium and Licorice Root. I have also found this effective..

-- ORIGINAL QUESTION -- From:   HerbConn@sunnet.net (Cerita McCoy) I am working with a lady who has several problems. Diabetes (insulin dependent) for one and has had a double by-pass about 5-6 months ago. Her body changes sometimes from one day to the next as to what she should take and how much. She takes a lot of different herbs and vitamins and has for a long time. She came to me before the surgery, hoping we could help get her systems to stabilize. Until this time she had been working and reading on her own. I have just started her on Morinda, hoping that this will help to strengthen her. The problem is things will work for a short time and then we are almost back to square one. She doesn't want to take the meds the doctors wants to give her and wants to use natural things. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

From:   eliezer@herbs4health.com (Dr. Eliezer Ben-Joseph)   For diabetes use NBS-AV, 2-3 with meals. PBS, 2-3 with meals. Nopal 2-3 with meals, low glycemic diet. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

-- ANOTHER QUESTION -- From:   cpowers@nbnet.nb.ca (Carm Powers) I don't think they would consider weaning him off the insulin but she is definitely interested in supplements to help him. I was thinking some Chromium and Eyebright. Anything else? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

From:   chottsie@earthlink.net (Chottsie)   Also try Nopal - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

From:   eliezer@herbs4health.com (Dr. Eliezer Ben-Joseph) NBS-AV 2-3 with meals, PBS 2-3 with meals, PX 2-3 with meals, Chromium 1 times 2, Sometimes AS/ Gymnena or Garcinia Combo. Very important low glycemic diet In a message dated 5/5/1999 10:09:07 AM Eastern Daylight Time, dee_holl@email.mobil.com writes: << Hi,   A friend of mine (age 50's) has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and the  doctor has put him on insulin. Any experience with using herbs instead of insulin that has been successful? My friend is very opposed to the insulin shots.  Thanks for your help.  Dee
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