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Note: MetaboMax is the new name for the product
formerly known as Metaboslim (pictured on right.)

Metabolife or 

Why pay $50? MetaboMaxTM contains more, for less.
Here's the proof:

Metabolife 356TM MetaboMaxTM
Contains Caffeine No Caffeine
Contains Animal Parts (Bovine Complex) 100% Natural
Backed by 3-year-old company Backed by 26-year-old company
Active Ingredient (From Ma Huang) per capsule:
12 mg ephedrine 12 mg ephedrine
Suggested Retail:
$ 49.95 $ 29.95
90 Count Bottle 90 Count Bottle
Cost per Day (3 Tablets):
$ 1.68 $ 0.99
Cost per Day (6 Tablets):
$ 3.36 $ 1.98
You Decide!

Here's a complete comparison of ingredients:

Ingredients: Metabolife 356TM MetaboMaxTM
Vitamin E (IU) 6 6
Magnesium (mg) 75 75
Zinc (mg) 5 5
Chromiun (mcg) 75 75
Ma Huang Conc. (mg ephedrine) 12 12
Guarana Conc. (mg)
(source of caffeine)
40 -
Cordyceps No Yes
Bladderwrack (Kelp) No Yes
Bee Pollen Yes Yes
Ginseng Yes Yes
Ginger Yes Yes
Lecithin Yes Yes
Bovine Complex
(from cows)
Yes No
Damiana Yes Yes
Sarsaparilla Yes Yes
Golden Seal Yes Yes
Nettle Yes Yes
Gotu Kola Yes Yes
Spirulina Algae Yes Yes
Royal Jelly Yes Yes
Suggested Retail $ 49.95 $ 29.95
Tablets per bottle 90 90