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I am still fairly new to NSP, but one product that I purchased with my first order was Lobelia Essence. I use around 6-8 drops in a deep warm bath when I am have muscle aches. Like after working in the garden ect.. It helps me. I hope this information helps you.
Deb Pharr

Marietta Miller in Illinois called me with the following testimonial. A relative (maybe brother-in-law) was sitting in a chair with a numb arm and leg, basically nonresponsive. His wife gave him liquid capsicum and he was fine. Another time his blood pressure dropped to 90/80 - he took liquid capsicum and in minutes took it again and it was 125/80. Obviously he has major health issues to take care of, but the capsicum was a life saver for this man.           

    While I am at it I will tell my own testimonials for capsicum. While in Texas at a family reunion, we were all at a cousins ranch when one of their dogs bowed up and started shaking, then he fell over and continued shaking. He was obviously having a seizure. I asked our cousin if she had cayenne pepper in her kitchen and she did. My daughter ran in and got it. She asked me how much to give him and being kitchen quality cayenne, I told her to just pour a bunch in his mouth. She did and within seconds his body relaxed and then he stood up, took a drink (I wonder why) and within minutes was wagging his tail, perfectly normal. As far as I know he has not had another seizure.
~Georgiana Duncan

I've used Elderberry chewables from NSP for fever and it's gone overnight every time with no reoccurences. gc

Hi all,
God gave me the opportunity to try lavendar oil twice this weekend. I live in the Seattle area and we have the reputation for rusting instead of tanning. However, Saturday we had a beautiful sunny day. While working on my fat talk, I laid out on my deck and exposed the back of my legs, for the first time this spring. Usually I can tell when it's time to go in. But not this time. By early evening the backs of my legs were red and very prickly. I applied aloe vera gel mixed with lavendar oil and the pain went away immediately. I reapplied the mixture a few more times that evening and by Sunday morning, even when in a warm shower, the backs of my legs didn't hurt.
 What a miracle!
The other opportunity came when I was doing some ironing last night. I accidentally burned by finger on the iron. While reading in bed last night, my finger was really stinging. All of a sudden, I remembered my lavendar oil. I got up, applied a drop (undiluted) to the burn and it immediately stopped burning! Isn't this cool?

Fever Blisters
My secretary applies a drop of Geranium oil 'neat' (undiluted) as soon as she feels one coming on and several times thereafter. It stop them from emerging. It will also help you get rid of them once they have erupted.

I had such a bad toothache that for three nights I had been unable to sleep. When I realized it was not going to get any better by ignoring it, I went to the dentist. Since I did not want to take the pain killers my daughter and I   made up a blend of eo's to diffuse. ROMAN CHAMOMILE, LAVENDER and CLARY SAGE. I wanted to be oblivious all ngiht and I was! The next night I spilled my mixture and foolishly did not make more for myself. I did not sleep as blissfully as the night before.
Mary Page

Multiple Myeloma
I have one client and my Dad who are both diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. They both are taking Folic Acid, Una De Gato, Korean Ginseng, Garden Essentials, Orchard Essentials, Food Enzyme Digestive Aid, PDA, Super Supplemental Vitamins, and SynerProtein. Dad was diagnosed about five years ago. The other client was diagnosed before my Dad. They are both enjoying life and able to go and do things that other people their ages are doing. (I say this because my Dad is 91 and not as able as he used to be because of his age!) The other man just bought himself a new Mustang Convertible and is having a ball with it! Don't know if this would work for everyone but it is what they are taking. Sometimes other supplements are added but this is the basic program. Dad is on AL-C with it right now because my Mother (his wife of nearly 68 years) just passed on and it is helping him handle the grieving process. I hope this helps some.
  Ruby Lawler

I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 19 years. I wish so much I would have know about herbs when I first got the disease. As a result of all the pain medication I have taken I have one artificial knee and many deformed, stiff fingers. The herbs that have helped me the most with pain and inflammation including morning stiffness are the glucosamine and colostrum. I like the fact that NSP's glucosamine has una de gato in it for immediate relief with the pain. I have sold many bottles based on this. I don't know of any other brand that has this in it. I have been using the colostrum for a couple of years for the arthritis also. I wouldn't be without it. If I have pain, I take some on an empty stomach and usually within an hour I feel better. After the birth of my second child I was determined not to go back on any prescription meds for the arthritis. So far, I haven't had to. I have also taken (at one time or another) oregon grape (to work on the infection), APS II (works great for pain), tea tree oil (massaged into the sore joints with a little massage oil added), VS-C, pau d' arco, morinda, yucca, burdock, and alfalfa. For a total program I also take super supplementals, colloidal minerals, and proactazyme. You could also add a homeopathy (arthritis, inflammation, pain, etc.) Dawn Pfaff


Lice - Head Head lice in children's hair - - - Can anyone suggest what to do o get rid of them. I have a friend whose children had head lice several times. She washed their hair with several drops of tea tree oil in the shampoo. She said the lice fell out of the hair. Worth a try. I knew one lady who soaked her hair in tea tree oil, put a plastic wrap on it, then a towel and slept all night with it. It worked. If you can do it by just shampooing, that would be great. A drop or two of tea tree oil in your shampoo on a regular basis will keep them away too. My niece had head lice three times inside of a month. The last time it happened she was at my home. My sister did one of those RID treatments and meticulously combed out her hair. Even a doctor will tell you those treatments are toxic. We gave her Garlic, Echinacea and Goldenseal (she was also fighting a cold at the time). I wouldn't let her have any sweets or refined flour. My sister combed out her hair again the next night and could not believe all the dead nits she found. She swears the garlic did it. This makes my head itch just to talk about it. Lice Eradicating
From: (Georgiana)   By Annie Berthold-Bond /the author of The Green Kitchen Handbook (HarperCollins, 1997). © 1998 Annie Berthold-Bond. If you have questions for Annie about solutions for less-toxic living, email her at: Eradicating a Bad Case of Head Lice   A successful way of ridding the head—or in your case whole body—of lice without poisoning yourself with dangerous pesticides and hydrocarbons, is as follows: 1. Lather area with a coconut-oil castile soap. Adding a few drops of Tea Tree Oil to the lathered area is also recommended. 2. Rinse and rewash with this same mixture. 3. After rewashing, do not rinse, but wrap a towel around the head or area and wait for half an hour. 4. Comb with a nit-removing comb, strand by strand, until all nits are removed (this takes a while). Dampen hair as needed. 5. Wash and rinse the hair. Once dry, check, thoroughly, for any missed nits. 6. Thoroughly clean the comb, hands, bedding, and clothing. Pillows can be placed in the freezer overnight.                You can comb herbal lice oil through the hair as a repellent. The best choices of repellent essential oils are Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Rose Geranium. Add 10 drops of essential oil to 1 oz. oil. Comb through the hair. Or make a Tea Tree Oil shampoo by adding 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil to 1 oz. of shampoo. LICE
From: (Christine Jenks) Tea Tree Oil works very well. You can put in w/ shampoo, or you can take a little in your hand and just work it in to the scalp if the infestation is real heavy. Dealt w/ this a few months back w/ my boys. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
From: (Sheryl Ewen) Locally they are encouraging the use of old fashioned mayonnaise!!! Not the low fat kind....not the salad dressing kind....but the "put the fat in your veins" kind. This has been documented around our state as being a great alternative to the chemicals. Wash the hair so nothing is on it. Smother the hair with mayonnaise and wrap plastic wrap around the head (supervise the child with the plastic please). Leave on for a couple of hours. Comb through with a nit comb, wash again and recomb. Repeat in a couple of days. The mayonnaise "smothers" the little critters and the plastic wrap reinforces the smothering and helps "cook them". - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
From: (Glenda Hadley, ND, MH, CNHP) When our children were young we used a rinse of Bay leaf water to protect them from getting lice. Perhaps the Tea Tree Oil with the shampoo and a rinse of Bay leaf water would discourage the "critters" from attacking. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
From: (Angelica Pattison) Tea Tree Oil in the shampoo and put it on the scalp and apply a shower cap overnight.

This past weekend my husband and I were out getting a bite to eat. All of a sudden I got a tickle in my throat, started coughing, and couldn't stop. I tried drinking and almost made a big mess.( At first I was embarrassed hoping no one was staring at me), My throat started to close up,and I could barely breath. I became quite scared. After trying not to panic (by now I was shaky and couldn't even talk) I remembered my Tei Fu oil. I shot it to the back of my throat and got some relief. I waited about a minute and did it again and then breathed it in also thru my nose. What a difference. My throat opened up and it was so nice tobe able breath again. I've used it before internally for an asthma attack before but never for a cough. I saved me a trip to the Emergency Ward also a big bill. What a Fantastic product! Hope this will help someone else. Susan B.

7 mos. old with ear infections

oh my GOSH!!! this is exactly why I turned to herbs! My first child was consistently having ear infections, I, like you, was always going to the doctor for anti-biotics (Amoxacillian BLAH!!) Anyway, this friend of mine had the exact same problem but decided to venture into a cute little shop that said HERBS on it, to make a long story short (too late) this lady told her to give her baby VS-C internally and Combination CBG directly in the ear, the rest is history, I thought my friend was a VOODOO doctor or something, but she told me just to try it once and that is all I will need, so I said okay and the next day I signed up with NSP as a distributor and my daughter has never been on anti-biotics again!!!!! My next child I learned from the previous experience not even to put 'formula' in his system, so luckily for us there was a RAW goat dairy near us so after I finished nursing he went directly on the RAW GOATS MILK! he has had maybe 1 ear infection and I gave him the VS-C and the CBG and instantly that day it was gone!
Raw Goat Dairies can be hard to find but if you call your State Agriculture department they will be able to tell you who is certified to sell RAW GOATS MILK, I know that in our state you have to go through a TON of health tests and all kinds of stuff to even think about opening a dairy, and believe me I have NEVER seen a cleaner place in my life!! if you are unable to find a goat dairy, then there is a pasturized goat's milk at your grocers that I actually use now that my kids are older and don't like the taste of the Raw, it is called MEYENBERGER and it is still awesome stuff, way better, I mean 300 times better than the synthetic baby formulas!!!!!!!!!!
as for the herbs, I would give the baby a dropper full of the VS-C every 2 hours for the first day and 4 times a day after that and about 3 drops of the CB-G in the ear at the same time! have the baby on the VS-C for at least 4 days, or even better until the whole bottle is gone.

Rhemortoid Arthritis


About a 1-1/2 weeks ago I developed a severe pain in my right shoulder. It was so painful I couldn't even dress myself or comb my hair and just moving it caused me to cry out in pain. I went to my chiropractor twice in one day and he worked on pressure points and massage. It was his opinion I had gotten bursitis which can come on very quickly in the shoulder or hip. I read up on it and started to take JNT-A (4) - I didn't have the ATC formula), MSM (2), Vit. C (Citrus Bioflavinoids 1) (one of my people had researched MSM and found it is best taken with Vitamin C), Black Curant oil,(2) and licorice root (2). I did this every four hours. By the next day my pain was almost gone. I also used some Tei Fu Oil around the muscles which helped.   When I cut back on the products in 3 days (which probably was too soon) the pain started coming back. So I am currently taking those products and quantities 3 x a day and my shoulder is almost normal. I have talked to others who went the medical route and they are on anti-inflammatories and pain killers and have been for weeks and still have the pain. HA - The power of our herbs is outstanding!!
Darlene Agle
Healthy By Nature

How lucky I am! Twice in the past 2 weeks I have had a chance to use Healing AC Cream, and does it ever work!!!
Yesterday in my garden I was working in a tight space. Had just dug up a plant for a friend and the long-handled shovel was across my path. My puppy, who is 50 pounds and growing, came barreling through the area where I was working and jammed the shovel handle into my shin. Ouch. It immediately left a red mark and I knew I was going to have a whopper of a bruise. I ran in the house to get my 'favorite cream'. Went back to the garden to do a few more things and when I was back in the house a little later, I looked at my leg, and it didn't hurt nor was there a bruise of any kind. That stuff is amazing. Have several jars on hand. Don't forget it's under homeopathics - not personal care.