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Effective September 1, 2000, all Members and Distributors purchasing 100 QV (qualifying volume) in one month will receive a 10 percent rebate. Previously, NSP’s compensation plan paid out eight percent rebates on orders of 150-299 QV. So now you earn more!

Dale Lee, President of U.S. Sales, explains, “We realized that 150 QV was a little more than many people were able to spend in a month. By lowering the requirement to 100 QV, we’ll get to reward more people for sharing NSP products with their friends and families.” What does this mean to you?

Whether you are interested in becoming a distributor or not, this gives you the opportunity to have “money” back in your pocket. And if you share our products with your friends and family and they sign up as members, they are automatically put in your downline because you referred them. Then YOU will be earning money on their purchases also as their referral. The more people you referr , the more money you can make! Remember that you must purchase 100 QV to earn money off your group in any one month. And you’ll be sharing effective quality products and helping your friends at the same time.


You must contact customer service at 1-800-223-8225 to have full access to the website and all the member services. These include being able to track your purchases for the month, your referrals purchases and your group totals. It also gives you the opportunity to order online and receive a 1% discount, you can also sign up your family and friends online. My suggestion for ordering online is to write your order down first with stock #’s and go to quick multi-entry ordering.

Herbal Hours

Do you know someone who would like to have a herbal hour at their house? Education is the theme of these fun get-togethers. Or would you like to have an herbal hour at your house, I will teach the class, and you get everyone who signs up as a member in your group. You can’t beat that! That means if you meet your purchase requirement, you will earn rebates on every sale made at that meeting and your group will start to grow. Please contact me at 215-547-8948.

Email Notifications and Updates

If you aren't on my email list, then please call me with your email address or write You will be getting important information and updates regarding NSP products which you shouldn't be missing.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Your Sponsor, Ellen Cuffari