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Below you will find a list of Health Resources that may be of interest to you.

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Charts And Graphs For Everything And Anything!

 Below, find every kind of calculator related to health imaginable... There are calculators, charts and graphs for just about anything you could want to know - just click on the appropriate link below and you'll be magically transported through the power of the internet - to exactly where you want to go!


The Food Pyramid - the healthy way to eat

What You Should Weigh - your height and frame considered

The Longevity Game - calculate how long you are going to live!

Real Age - What's your real age?

Basal Metabolism Calculator - calculates your daily caloric needs at your weight now.

BMI calculator - calculate your body mass index

Calcium Calculator - calculate the amount of calcium you need daily

Active Calorie Counter - calculate the number of calories you burn

Food Intake Calculator - estimates the amount of calories you take in

Target Heart Rate Calculator

Nutrition Calculator - how well are you eating?

Snack Bandit - how healthy are your choices?

The Healthy Body Calculator

Calorie Control Calculator - the advanced calorie calculator

Fast Food Facts - the fast food calorie calculator

LIFESTYLE ANALYIS QUIZ- Accesses your risks and gives recommendations!

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