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Begin typing here.....> Hi Ellen! > > Well, I have been taking my Stress Pack supplement for 3 days now and all I > can say is "Wow!" > > I'm only taking 1 pack a day because I tend to be on the cautious side of > things -- I wanted to see how I would be affected before I jumped in taking > 3 packs a day. Anyway, I feel much calmer, that's for sure. The first day it > felt so weird not to be racing around, clamping and unclamping my jaw, > screaming all the time. I cannot remember the last time that I felt so > relaxed, so calm! Little things are no longer such big deals but the best > thing of all is that I have more patience with my kids. I still have to yell > at times, which I guess every Mother does, but there isn't a build-up of > stress where I feel like I'm going to explode. It's like my mouth has slowed > down enough that my brain gets a chance to think before I start yelling. > > > Anyway, thanks so much for your help. I'll keep you posted. > > Denise >