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AS w/Gymnema

Appetite Suppresant and Sugar Blocker
Gymnema is a member of the milkweed family. Its HIndu name is "Gurmar", meaing "sugar destroyer". It lowers blood sugar levels and appeared to correct problems in a diabetic liver, kidneys and muscles.. it also makes sugar, like candy or cookies taste like mud, because your tongue's sweet-detecting receptors can't detect the presence of sugar or bitter for awhile. In the absense of sweet, people will eat less food..
Here what Diana has to say:
I have taken gymnema for quite a while. I am a type 2 diabetic, and it helps me to control the blood sugar. I have a wonderful book on herbs which cites the scientific trials of the herbs, and they have proven that gymnema will not affect the blood sugar of non-diabetics, however it DOES EMPHATICALLY help with the sugar cravings.

Echinacea/Golden Seal

I give my herbs to my kids, and they have never had any bad effects. I give them goldenseal ( you can get a goldenseal/echinacea mix made just for kids), garlic, and other specific herbs --CHinese herbs--when they are sick. I have several friends whose kids have basically grown up on herbs and have never had any problems. But as with anything, read and be careful not to give to much.   Just like with medicines, kids are littler and therefore require much less than you think. When I first started taking herbs and herb foods I felt so much better within a couple of weeks. Well, my baby at the time was 6 months old, had already had chicken pox, and the "crud". She had been sleeping with a humidifier for so long, and coughing. I started giving her some of the same herbs and foods that I was eating, and within 3 weeks, she wasn't coughing anymore, no more humidifier and the swollen glands that she had (the dr. said from having the chicken pox were gone! She was a different little girl, and has never been very sick since. Lisa :0) who has been giving herbs to the whole family for 4 years.

I have always been one to get sick at least twice a year. I mean, if someone drives by my house with a cold or the flu you can bet I would catch it and catch it bad! It has always taken me a very long time to get over illness as well. Well, this year there has been such a horrible outbreak of flu in this area, I mean people in the hospital bad. A few weeks ago I began to fell yucky, sore throat was the first sign of the oncoming bug. The very minute I realized what was happening I began taking Echinacea with Goldenseal and C complex. I took two in the morning and two in the evening. For three days I felt like I was about to run out of gas, but didn't. I continued the Echinacea complex for 4 days and the flu never got me. I know several people now who have been in the hospital with this flu and some who have been sick for a month or better. I go to their homes and rock their children and still I have been able to stave off this nasty flu bug. I can only attribute it to the Echinacea with Goldenseal and C complex.

        Herbs are God's all natural way for us to live better, healthier lives and I'm so thankful to Him for opening my eyes to the wonders of herbs. I just wish I would have find out about this earlier in life. D.


My name is Shirley and I'm the author of Shirley's Wellness Cafe: Holistic Health Care for People & Animals. I have been suffering from eczema/psoriasis for 49 years, since I was one year old. (The reason that I write eczema/psoriasis is because I have been given both diagnosis by various dermatologists.
My parents had taken me to dozens of dermatologists which were unsuccessful in helping me. As a teenager, I used to spend my vacation time in a hospital in Leiden, Holland, where nurses would coat my entire body with a strong smelling sticky black tar. The tar treatment only temporarily reduced some of the inflammation . Finally when I was 17, a doctor in Belgium gave me a prescription for cortisone pills (Kenakort) which rapidly cleared my eczema as by "magic". I had to continue to take the cortisone on an ongoing basis to keep the eczema in check. I did so for 9 years but eventually I had to quit because of the cortisone's nasty side effects. It nearly killed me. (click here if you care to learn more about the nasty side effects of steroids.)
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Hi, my name is Pete, I am from Las Vegas and I am new to the list. I have a great interest in herbs, vitamins, and other alternative things. I just started using alternative methods after I was convinced by an herbal chat room on AOL not to be so narrow-minded like I was before. I used to take a prescription drug called Nasacort for my allergies. To make a long story short, the medication almost caused me to go blind. I caught it just before it did, and I used alternative methods to restore my eyes back to normal. I have made a complete recovery, and am completely off all medication.I used Bilberry Extract, Eyebright, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Lutein, Selenium, and Zeaxanthin. Alternative methods really changed my life for the better, and they continue to do so even to this day.

Bone spurs & Menapausal Symptoms

In the beginning I walked into the herb store to get information on hormone replacement therapy that was natural. I thought, "Surely they didn't have a pharmacy on the corner in Bible times, there must be a natural way to replace hormones when you are going through menopause". See, I had a hysterectomy when I was 22 years old, so I was thrown into menopause early. I believed what the doctors told me, "take one of these a day and call me next year when it's time to renew". I didn't want to do that anymore. While in the shop discussing "female problems" one of the ladies mentioned that she had had bone spurs. Well, it just so happened that at that very moment I was standing on the side of my foot because the spur on my heel had gotten to the point that I could barely walk on it. She told me what she did to desolve and help prevent the deposits that cause bone spurs. So, now I'm taking Nature's Sunshine's 1/4 tsp Pro-G-Yam, 2 Wild Yam, 6 FC with Dong Quai per day and Combination Val Extract for the menopausal symptoms, which by-the-way have subsided since starting this regimen. For the bone spurs and menopause, I take 2 tsp a night of the Val Extract, 6 PDA per day and 6 Hydrangea per day. I must say that I haven't been very strict with the amounts or even the daily consumption of these herbs and I am still reeping the benefits. The menopausal symptoms subsided within a week. But the most amazing results have been with the bone spurs. I mean I literally could not walk flat on my foot the day I started the combination for relief, two weeks later it occurred to me during a conversation about herbs and the benefits, that my foot wasn't hurting nearly as badly and at this moment I can say that I haven't had trouble with the spur in several weeks. I do still have the spur, but it is greatly diminished and I have to try to find it most of the time. Just as a side note, the Val Extract can be used as a topical muscle relaxer. As I have been sitting her typing my lower back was hurting, so I massaged about 1/4 tsp into the area and the pain is gone. I feel like herbs were given to us by God as natural preventatives and in some cases cures. I'm living proof. In His hands, Denea

Milk Thistle

One decade ago I was diagnosed with Chronic Hepatitis "C". At that time it was called "non-A, non-B", and not one of the doctors I saw knew much about it. Back then, I guess no one knew how it was transmitted, nor how to prevent transmission or slow down the progression. Unfortunately, many present day similar accounts lead me to believe that this is still the prevailing ignorance among MD's. According to western medicine (i.e. the doctors I have seen,) my case is "hopeless;" the HCV has been with me for approximately 20 years, and its progression disqualifies me for interferon. But, I was a drunk and drug addict of the "hopeless" variety once also. And today, I am clean and sober, a responsible mother, a responsible member of my community. I don't know why nor how, but I do know that the Creator saw fit to give me a second chance. I have found an alternative to the "western way," which so far has lifted me out of the depths of fatigue, depression and despair brought on by HCV, and given me quite a few healthy days in a row. This alternative may not work for everyone; it certainly has for me. I have discovered that a complete diet change and herbal remedy including milk thistle has improved my condition considerably, and would recommend this approach to anyone grappling with the interferon commitment decision. Interferon is a huge decision, and should not be made lightly. I am not a doctor, however, I can share my own lay-experience.

Another great experience with Natural health
About 6 yrs. ago I was introduced to a liquid nutritional supplement of 14 botanicals that oxygenates the blood. I started giving it to my family & noticed we were making less trips to the doctors office. Alot of the colds didn't turn into the nasty stuff. My youngest son was diognosed with Luekemia at age 2 1/2. He went through 3 yrs. of chemo & was sick all the time, the supplement seemed to help but then my RN friend (she was the one who introduced me to KM...the only thing that helped her with CFS)did a live blood cell test on him...his red blood cells looked like big black land mines! I used 2 products to cleanse out the toxins & his health improved 100%. Last August my son developed pneumonia & insisted the Biomune wouldn't help him & wanted to see the doctor. Not wanting to be brought up on any kind of child neglect charges...we went to the doctors. Two antibiotics, two different doctors & a month later he was no better at all. So he decided he would take the herbal combination of colostrum & whey with astragalus as I recommened. He was better in a weeks time! My older son who lives in FL called me one morning, last July, said he had a very severe sinus infection( he was dying of course) & wanted my credit card # so he could go to the walk in clinic. I told him I could not do that, BUT I would overnight him some of the extract. Well, he was very unhappy with me & suggested I didn't care about him anymore (just what a mother wants to hear)! The next day at 5:30pm he called to tell me how much better he felt & he couldn't beleive they actually worked! I could go on & on. The point is, there are some very good products available. I'm now trying to work with doctors and educate them that they don't have to be afraid of natural health. Traditional & natural medicine can & should work together.

When my son was 18 months old I weaned him. I did this very slowly and gently for both of our sakes, but still I became engorged. I tried many different things to help with the discomfort, but what helped me more than anything else was drinking sage tea. :) Michelle (aka josephsmom)


CIRCULATORY/IMMUNE - provides nutrients such as selenuim, sodium, riboflavin,niacin and vitamin C, also Rose Hips, Chamomile flowers, slippery elm bark, yarrow flowers, capsicum frui, goldenseal root, myrrh gum,peppermint leaves, sage leaves, lemon grass herb.

As an Herbalist for years with a tight lecture schedule I found that "Natures Sunshine's" CC-A kept me free of colds and flu, at the time.. and I highly recommend it for others. Marty Peoples

Need Help Getting Pregnant?

Having a baby with the help of herbs is my personal success story and my reason for starting an NSP business 9 years ago. I started with a good cleanse, I took comfrey-pepsin (now it's marshmallow-pepsin) and special formula #1. I did this for 3 weeks. Then I took Damiana and X-A, three times a day. Kelp for the thyroid. Supersupplemental and calcium/magnesium for general nutrition. Since I had a history of a few   miscarriages, as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I switched to False Unicorn and Wild Yam for 3 1/2 months, and weaned off of these. These provide natural progesterone which is needed to hold a pregnancy, once the placenta is a good size and well implanted, (about 3rd month) the placenta will produce the hormones needed for the remainder of the pregnancy. All I can say is it worked for me! Muscle test. Some women do better with FC w/ Dong Quai or FCS II. Best wishes!
Allison Cantilina, R.N.,N.D.

For dry, cracked skin on the hands and feet try the Irish Moss hand and body lotion. I keep a bottle by the bed and put it on my feet as I am climbing in for the night. In the morning all the skin is wonderfully soft and smooth.
Lisa S.

Unexplained Back Pain

A short testimonial: I was scheduled for a pre-surgical appointment for back surgery - I was told there was nothing else to be done - even my chiropractor, who is nothing short of a genius, could figure out what was happening in my back.
Fortunately for me, some friends of mine stepped forward and asked me if I would consider alternative therapies, and after answering with a resounding "YES," they came over and found I had a huge yeast overgrowth problem, known as candida, that had grown all through my system, but had really taken over the lower half of my body. I went on the candida diet and took lots of herbs, and for the first few weeks, felt worse than I had in my entire life, but hung in there, and then one day felt myself start to turn around and start feeling better day by day. The appointment date was getting closer and closer, and I was so torn about what to do about it, and then all of a sudden it occurred to me that I could re-schedule this appointment, which I did.
They weren't too happy about it, but I politely insisted that this is what I wanted to do. The new appointment was for 3 weeks later, and in that time, made such a remarkable turn-around in my health, with no more back pain at all, that about a week before the re-scheduled appointment, I called and cancelled the appointment entirely. After the person who answered the phone picked themselves up off the floor, they reminded me that these appointments are very difficult to get and that it was necessary before my surgery.
  I then told her that surgery would no longer be required, and if anyone wanted to call me and speak to me about it, they could certainly feel free to do that. I never heard a word from anyone - by the way, this was military, in case you are curious.
And now, I am off on my merry way - and this all occurred approximately 2 years ago. Thanks be to God for friends who stepped out and weren't afraid to hear the word "no." Carol

Lavendar Oil and Burns

God gave me the opportunity to try lavendar oil twice this weekend. I live in the Seattle area and we have the reputation for rusting instead of tanning. However, Saturday we had a beautiful sunny day. While working on my fat talk, I laid out on my deck and exposed the back of my legs, for the first time this spring. Usually I can tell when it's time to go in. But not this time. By early evening the backs of my legs were red and very prickly. I applied aloe vera gel mixed with lavendar oil and the pain went away immediately. I reapplied the mixture a few more times that evening and by Sunday morning, even when in a warm shower, the backs of my legs didn't hurt.
 What a miracle!
The other opportunity came when I was doing some ironing last night. I accidentally burned by finger on the iron. While reading in bed last night, my finger was really stinging. All of a sudden, I remembered my lavendar oil. I got up, applied a drop (undiluted) to the burn and it immediately stopped burning! Isn't this cool?
Add these to your lists of testimonies.
Peggy Day

My husband finally decided to get off his BP medication. He was on 10mg Zestril for 4 - 5 years when MD showed a reading of 160/100 in her office. (was kinda nervous about just stopping the med, but figured we were ok to do it with an Ace Inhibitor.) We started with 6 SynerPro Cal/Mag and 6 Cap.Garlic/Parsley and a few Dandelion. The next couple of days his BP readings were in the range of 100/60 so I cut the Cal/Mag back to 4 a day and dropped the Cap. combo. Since then his BP is holding in the 120/70 range even when he's agitated or has done heavy yard work.
We are amazed because we thought it would be a great feat to get him off his medication. (He's typical Type A person!)
  He's also on LIV-C, Guggul, and Hongqu for cholesterol/trig. Hope to have another success story soon!
Margaret Johnson
1116 Desco Drive
Plano, Tx 75075

Last week I asked about Bee Pollen for my son. I got lots of great info and decided to give it a try for him. Within a couple days his sinus congestion went away. This is the first time since starting kindergarten this year that his nose isn't runny. He's got renewed energy and is back to his old energic self. It's wonderful!

Chrones Disease

Hi Sherry       I would use Slippery Elm Bark x8 day with lots of water. It is a wonderful anti-inflammatory . And Una de Gato [ cats claw. This heals at a cellular level and helps give the immune system the strength to fight disease. This worked for my daughter she has been symptom free for 2 years. This person sounds like he is in a weakened state so i would start only with this formula and add E- tea when he improves.
good luck       Deborah Shook