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My Weight Loss Story

I began having trouble with my weight when I went to College, I guess lack of exercise was the main thing. Some guy I know turned me on to some diet pills and so the road to drug addiction was paved. The thing about those pills is you seem to need more and more to get the same effect, and after awhile they don't even help with the weight.

I got married and had my first child at age 25, before I got pregnant I was addicted to Methampetamine. I was smart enough to quit but I gained 100 lbs during that pregnancy. After the baby was born, I went to a gym and worked out and went back to the drugs. Yes, I lost 85 lbs in 6 mos.

Guess what happened? I got pregnant and gained 100+ lbs again. But this time even though I went back to the drugs, I kept the weight on. I separated from my husband when my second child was 8 mos old, went for drug rehabilitation and recovered. I didn't tackled the weight problem again until 6 yrs later.

I was a new women, had given up smoking, turned 32 yrs old and was ready to lose the weight. I went to Weight Watchers and lost 58 lbs but couldn't seem to lose the last 10 lbs to reach goal, after standing still for 7 mos and not losing, I gave up. I joined Overeaters Anoynomous and lost the 11 lbs in one month by eating 3 meals a day with no snacks and no weighing for a month. I was amazed! But could I sustain it. You give up all sugar on this program like it is a DRUG.

During this time,I met my new husband and we got married and guess what? I got pregnant. The weight gain this time was about 55-60 lbs. Then before I had a chance to sneeze, Michael was 6 mos old, I got pregnant again. Well, I started out overweight so when I put on another 40-50 lbs, well, you can see where this is going.

Another trip to Weight Watchers and I finally did it, of course, this time they moved my weight goal up because of my age, but I didn't care.. I was a LIfe-Time member.

My youngest was 3 yrs old when I got pregnant with my 5th and LAST child. (Can you see a pattern here?)

Beginning the weight loss journey Again. Yikes, look at that butt!

Again, I went back to weight watchers and successfully took off 30 lbs in 6 mos. of the 63 lbs that I had to lose.

This is my pic after I lost 30 lbs but before I started the herbs. Weight - 185 lbs.

Then NOTHING FOR SIX MONTHS. I was frustrated and that was leading to more overeating so I did a search on the net for herbs for weight loss because I had heard good things about them. (Before this happened though, let me tell you, I would order all this guaranteed to take off 100 lbs in a week stuff that I got in the mail, try it, then send it back for a refund minus the shipping and handling.) I even tried Fit America at much expense, (around $180.00 /month) and lost nothing, not even inches like they said I would...You think I would have given up by this time but I decided to do a search on the web and I came up with a site that offered a product called Fen-Chi and Fat Grabbers for a reasonable price. Anyway, I found this site and placed an order with them at retail cost and was pleased with the results. The pendelum was leaning in the right direction again. I lost around 8 lbs. the first month, doesn't sound like alot. But slow and steady gives lasting results. The important thing was I was not hungry all the time and better able to make wise food choices, less binging.

Presently I weigh about 167 lbs, my goal is 151 lbs. or less. I just realized that leaves me with less than 20 lbs to go. Yipee!

I will add to this page and let you know when I have reached my goal.

This is me at 167 lbs., not bad, but still a ways to go!

5/14/99 - weighed in at 160.25, less than ten lbs to go!

5/26/99 - weighed in at 159 7/10/99 - weighed in at 156 and stopped paying for weight watchers because I reached my high goal. Wore a slinky black dress with spaghetti straps to a wedding, got tons of compliments. This really boost the ego and is one of the rewards you can look forward to.

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