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Before I got pregnant with my second child, I lost 17 lb. in 2 weeks, taking thermo chi and following the zone diet. I kept the weight off, too, until I got pregnant. Now, my body chemistry (or something) has changed with that pregnancy, and can't take thermo chi. But, I find that any diet herbs work better for me when I follow a good, strict diet. Right now I am taking Metabomax, and eliminating dairy. I've lost 4 lb. so far. (just started a few days ago).

Ellen, Well, today marked 6 full days on FenChi and I'm down 4-5 lbs and Nancy has been on it for 2 weeks and feels that she has lost 10 lbs, however, she didn't weight herself prior to starting. Of course, I'd like to lose an additional 15 lbs to get back to where I was prior to being with Mike.   I don't notice it yet with me, but I have noticed it with Nancy and I almost think she has lost more than 10! Whatever it is, we're both happy, now to stay on it.  
Love, Pat

I have a client--turned distributor--who had amazing results with Garcinia Chi. At 35 he was gaining weight in his mid section and couldnt stop it. He had tried everyother diet on the market. When Michael came to me I put him on Garcinia Chi because he was also diabetic. In three month he lost 35 pounds after not losing a pound on other diets. His diabetes also came under control and now his whole family is taking Garcinia Chi and controlling their diabetes and losing weight. Ultimately he lost the 50 pounds he was after and is happy as a lark!

Jack Welch wrote: I believe that the Fen Chi, Fat Grabber and Collatrim are fantastic. I have lost about 70 lbs in about 5 months. I've gone from a size 54 to a 36-38 and I feel great. I am also involved in a fitness program to "relocate" my weight into muscle rather than fat. I continue to lose about 1 to 2 lbs per week. I feel great and my wife says I look "good". I guess wives don't look at us the same as others do!! I take 2 FenChi 30 min before Breakfast and Lunch and 1 at about 3 PM. I take 4 Fat Grabbers about 5 min. before I eat Break, Lunch and Dinner. At night just before I go to bed I take a tablespoon of Collatrim. I also take some in the morning as soon as I get up since I don't eat until after I get back from the gym where my partner has supervised me on a rebuilding program. I don't even like to miss this because it has really made me feel good about myself and is firming up the muscle.
My appetite has been greatly suppressed and I watch what I eat due to the psychological effect of taking FAT GRABBERS.

Lisa Canon wrote: I, also have had good success with Fen-Chi and Collatrim. What I noticed with the Fen-Chi; however, was that I couldn't handle the full dosage.
I now take one Fen-Chi in the morning and one at lunch. I feel great, don't have that buzz, and I didn't do caffeine. I still forget to eat when on the Fen-Chi. And the bonus to all of this is that the bottle now lasts 75 days. *HAHA* The Collatrim is AWESOME! I inherited a pear shape from my grandmother, thanks grams, and have worked out and everything in the past still not being able to loose in certain areas, the Collatrim helped.

Joan Kasich wrote: Claudia: I've had great success with Fen-chi and Fat Grabbers. 2 members lost 20 lbs in 4 months. Best of luck.

Peggy, of Seattle, wrote: The one I have heard great things about most is Fat Grabbers. It is a fiber supplement/weight loss combo all in one. Just start off slowly (1-2 caps/meal) for a week or two and work up. Otherwise you might get bloating. And drink lots of water.

Laura wrote: We sold lots of Thermo Chi and other stuff when I worked at the Herb Shop and it works great. My dad also lost 20 lbs. on doing the Thermo Chi and Garcinia Chi program.

However, I have learned a few things the hard way about selling weight loss programs, so let me share them: Weight problems almost always contain an emotional and spiritual dimension. The herbs will often take the weight off, but in order to keep it off, it takes committment of the will and prayer to fix some of the underlying issues. Unlike customers for other types of herb programs, weight loss people often want a quick fix. They sometimes do not want to deal with the underlying issues of why they make bad food choices and overeat. You have to (gently) get to the root of what they are doing that got them fat in the first place.

Most people need good nutrition much more than they need to lose weight quickly, but don't realize that! I read somewhere that 80% of obese people have nutritional deficiencies. They are craving the nutrition they don't get from the junk they are eating, so they eat more. It's a vicious cycle.

I now will only sell a weight loss program after I do a nutritional assessment. They need to be on a good multi like Super Sup. while they are on the program, minimum. Often their intestines are very stopped up. It is also good if you can get them to cleanse their colon before they start. I had one overweight man lose ten pounds just from doing a colon cleanse! I also learned while working at the shop to NEVER tell people "You will lose X pounds, I think." Or, "So-and-so lost X pounds on this." People hear that number and get fixated on it, and block out whatever else you say! Then if they don't lose that amount they are disappointed. Once again, try to shift their focus from losing weight to getting healthy. Weight loss is a means to getting healthy, not an end.

NSP has a good sales aid to help with this, Stock #2312-6, The Body-Right Weight Management Guide. It explains NSP's weight-loss philosophy, the Four Pillars of Weight Management. (They are Nutrition, Exercise, Supplementation, and Emotional Balance.) I give this to my weight-loss customers.

Deana Lance wrote: I've been advised that an excellent resource about our bodies having different nutritional requirements is "Your Body Knows Best", by Ann Louise Gittleman.

Jhoni Roby wrote: I have lost 31 lbs. in 6 months. The first 4 months I used only the Fat Grabbers. In November I added Fen-Chi. However, my body only requires 1 Fen-Chi a day. I do not snack in between meals now either. I have about 35 lbs. more to lose and I am very confident I will make it. Success to you and yours.

Mary Page wrote: The weight loss product that I absolutely love is CHINESE FEN CHI. It does exactly what it is touted to do which is: Make you feel satisfied with a small meal. Unless I have rebellion in my mind (which means I WANT to eat more than I need) I do not even think of food.

Hi Ellen, I wanted to drop a little note and let you know that things are going well, thank God. I've drop about 3-4 pounds. I believe the pills are working because I actually don't feel hungry during the day at all. I try to take advantage of this like you mentioned and stay away from the fatty foods. But I feel pretty good. I'll be weighing myself tomorrow so I'll send an email letting you know exactly how much I've lost so far. Thanks, Luccy    Lmercedes@tact.com
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