Hi, My name is Ellen.
Independent Distributor for Nature's Sunshine, Malibu Naturals Carb-Lo and other wonderful products.
I'm also affliated with Activex Liquid Glucosamine SYNFLEX and HealthWorks 2000 Products.
I only feel comfortable recommending products I know to be of excellant quality and safe so feel free to check out these products knowing that they are recommended!


Diet and Exercise are KEY to being healthy and staying healthy. So Please remember that supplements are just that... supplements! They are never meant to replace a balanced diet and exercise.

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If at any time, you need to ask me a question, I am always here to help you as your Nature's Sunshine Consultant.
Please feel free to Email me with your concerns and receive your own personalized herb program consultation FREE.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Weight loss is a difficult endeavor and Herbs can help us lose the weight, I can attest to that! Remember that our main goal is to get healthy and that means a change in eating habits that last a lifetime.

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To keep me motivated, I have added motivational sayings to my daily life and have added them to this page to help you too.

Health Resource Center, Including Charts, Graphs and Calculators for Weight Loss!

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